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20 sessions pay only $20/session.​  TOTAL $400.  Expires in two months from purchase date.

All dues must be paid in full before the start of a session.  72 hour cancellation policy for a refund.

Please pay online or we take credit debit or cash on site.

Session Cost

General Fitness Evaluation (GFE)

1 session

Per session cost is $25.  Sessions run for about an hour.  

5 sessions pay only $24/session.​  TOTAL $120.  Expires in one month from purchase date.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to your first session

​Must enroll online ​​


5 sessions package

20 sessions package

10 sessions pay only $23/session.​  TOTAL $230.  Expires in one month from purchase date.

Arrive Early to your First Session

Payment and Cancellation

10 sessions package

This is an 11-point inspection that includes body fat, girth measurements, height, weight, blood pressure, upper-body strength, core strength, lower-body strength, and more, so that you can track your progress from month to month and see how much you have improved!

We encourage you to do one every month.

Cost is $30 per GFE.