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We like to take the idea that Fitness is confined to the four walls of a gym or within that ideal setting and go outside the box (the gym). The idea that you need a lift the most weight to be fit or run the fastest to be fit.  Pursuits training directly translate over to your all your ADLs (activities of daily living). Making all your day-to-day activities easier to accomplish, and makes it so that they can become potentially pain free! Not to mention enjoyable because it no longer causes you pain.

Pursuit training is body weight based exercises and has its foundations in HITT training. With Pursuit you're giving your body the perfect amount of resistance and weight  to train with .

Have you ever looked at kids at a playground and noticed that they can physically do everything ?  They can do the monkey bars they can run and jump over an obstacle,  they can crawl through things, over things underthings with little to no effort and not to mention NO PAIN!
The average adult sits down about 8 to as much as 15 hours a day! The list of problems this causes is endless it can slow down your metabolism the damage your organs over long periods of time not to mention strained neck and shoulders as well as back problems that is just to name a few.

It is our goal to take you back to having that childlike awesomeness of being able to overcome every obstacle in front of you without pain and have fun doing it. Our exciting on the go workout will help you feel like a kid again, and just like a kid help you feel like you can conquer the world!

Fitness should happen anywhere and everywhere.

What makes Pursuit different?


We are dedicated.  We are confident.  We are strong.  We challenge ourselves so we are ready for whatever life throws in our way.  We are Pursuit Orange County!

When we get up in the morning, we don't think of what life will bring us, we bring ourselves to the challenge.  We don't fear challenges, we seek them.  In this way life is a pursuit of something better rather than a fear of what may come.

Get up Orange County and let's do this together.  Find your group or have the determination to start one of your own.  Do you like hiking, bicycling, running, weightlifting, being on a team?  Find out how our program can enhance your level of activity and help you grow inside and out. 

Our Mission